Create contrast, focus and depth in your interior design scheme, furniture and architecture.

Whilst trends in design and decor are ever-evolving, lighting will always play a critical role in creating an inspiring and beautiful room.

Through the addition of intelligent lighting systems and technology we can start to easily leverage natural light to create an energy efficient home.

Blinds & Shades

At a touch of a button, manage the balance of natural light and shade silently. With a vast array of fabrics and styles, our design team will closely work with you to fit any size or shape of window with automated curtains or blinds. Control can be done wirelessly and even remotely from a touchpad.

Building Infrastructure

Connectivity is everything.

It is essential that these systems are designed and detailed accurately in the form of infrastructure drawings. Our team can work with you and your suppliers to ensure your system layout drawings reflect your aspirations for your project.

1st Stop believes in the future ready home– we design our systems and infrastructure to allow you the flexibility to change, add and increase features as and when they come available.

Music Systems

Make your home a place for real music.

Listen to your favourite music anywhere in the home. Better still, family members and guests can stream their library of music in one tap.

Looking for a HiFi system? We can design, create and install the perfectly engineered system all in-house.


There is nothing like our Immersive Cinema Experience.

To the mind it is a solution but to the senses it is the very stage of theatrical experience which creates the unimaginable. Our Immersive Cinema range lets you lose yourself in another's story, freeing you from those surroundings that were once so familiar.

Create a single living space, with limitless entertainment possibilities. Our specialist team will work alongside your designers from design to handover, to ensure the cinematic dream becomes a reality.