Secured Communications

Majority of our communications are digital, irrespective of method used our thoughts/answers are being digitally transported, in many circumstances they are insecure, leaving us exposed to countless threats, spying, identity profiling/theft and much more.
Ensuring your personal information about you or your family does not escape on the internet or dark web is not a luxury but an absolute necessity.

Personal Development

Our personal development program is very simple; we help you operate your products seamlessly, without the fuss and frustration normally attributed in trying to learn technology.

We offer private one-to-one learning sessions that are constructed explicitly according to your convenience. The sessions with our experienced consultants can be a few hours per week and focused on anything that you wish to understand or learn more about.

Internet & WiFi

Most devices that we admire to operate such as iPhones, tablets and computers are reliant upon a home network. When we are constantly trying to fight wireless issues, the internet cutting out and sluggish performance on the iPad or iPhone, life can become frustrating.

Let our experts design a robust residential networking system that realises the full potential of all your devices and manages all your internet traffic.

Encrypted Cloud

Organise your life using a simple & cost effective solution, using well known cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and more.

For those who are seeking superior privacy & security we have developed our own cloud solution; tailored explicitly to your requirements with the highest privacy, security and reliability in place.

Cyber Security

We have naturally increased our vulnerability when using devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops, increasing our dependancy to the internet.

Daily tasks such as checking emails, online banking, shopping, browsing and more have become an essential part of our lives, all of which have countless security threats that we do not recognise or encounter until its too late.

The consideration on how children are using the internet and their social objectives is also very unsettling as both have many safety & security deficits.


Through experience and customer relations we have found keeping technology simple is of utmost importance to all our customers, as nothing more irritating exists than listening to jargon that does not make sense. We have, therefore, conveyed this throughout all our support offerings, providing all our clients transparency, simplicity and a hassle free experience.

Our support service helps customers relieve technology problems quickly & efficiently without frustration, helping you focus your time & energy on more relevant tasks.